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1916 Easter Rising Tour

Duration: 2hrs 

Walk in the footsteps of Ireland's revolutionary heroes.

This tour will include Liberty Hall, the headquarters of the Irish Citizens Army and the site that produced The Proclamation of the Irish Republic.

Continuing down Abbey Street, we will begin the rebels march on the GPO, the epicentre of the Easter Rising. From the GPO, we will follow the route of the rebels as they made their retreat down Moore Street and visit the site where the rebellion would end with Patrick Pearse offering his surrender to General Lowe.

The tour will finish at the Garden of Remembrance, where many of the rebels were brought following their surrender and today a peaceful garden dedicated to the men and women of Ireland's struggle for Independence.

This tour would suit all year groups and give insight into the Irish revolutionary period.

What you'll see

  • An Introduction to Ireland in the early 20th century.

  • Daniel O'Connell Monument - Constitutional Nationalism vs Violent Nationalism.

  • Liberty Hall - The Headquarters of the Irish Citizen's Army and the building where the proclamation of the Irish Republic was printed.

  • James Connolly Statue - The Irish Socialist, Revolutionary and leader of the Citizens Army.

  • Wynn's Hotel - Where both the Irish Volunteers and Cumann na mBán were founded.

  • O'Connell Street - The beginning and overview of the Easter Rising, April 24th 1916.

  • GPO - General Post Office - The Headquarters of the Irish Republic for most of Easter week 1916.

  • Moore Lane - Where the rebels retreated after the collapse of the GPO.

  • Moore Street - Michael O'Rahilly's famous last stand against the British forces & the rebel retreat.

  • Number 16 Moore Street - The last headquarters of the Irish Republic during Easter 1916.

  • Garden of Remembrance - The national garden dedicated to those who fought and died in the name of Irish independence


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