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Tara Brooch - Dublin School Tours for Students Groups Junior Cert

 National Museum of Archaeology Tour

Duration: 2hrs 

Explore the treasures of The National Museum of Archaeology on Kildare Street. The museum holds around 9,000 years of both Irish and world history.

This tour will guide student groups through a history of Ireland from the Ancient Kings of Tara to the Vikings and Medieval Ireland.

Discover Ireland's National Museum including, the Bog Bodies, Early Christian Ireland, Viking treasures, the Norman Invasion and Ireland's priceless goldwork including, the Tara Brooch, Gleninsheen Gorget and the Broighter Collar among many other objects.

The tour would suit groups of all ages from Junior Cert, to Leaving Cert as well as Transition Year students.

Please note: this tour is subject to availability according to the National Museum.


What you'll see

  • Ancient Ireland - 

    • The Gleninsheen Gorget​

    • Lunula

  • Viking Ireland 

    • The Road to the Battle of Clontarf exhibition​

    • Viking burial remains

    • Swords and Viking weaponry

    • Trade and daily life of the Vikings - Clothing, Games and Trade.

  • Medieval Ireland

    • The Anglo-Norman Invasion​​​

    • Medieval life in Ireland

  • Early Christian Ireland

    • Tara Brooch​

    • Ardagh Chalice

    • St. Patrick's Shrine

    • The Lismore Crozier

    • Cross of Cong

  • Bog Bodies

    • Old Croghranman

    • Clonycavan Man​

    • Baronstown West Man

    • Gallagh Man

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