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A Timeline of the Vikings in Ireland from 795-1014

Of all the invasions Ireland has endured over its history, the arrival of the Vikings is one of the

most significant. After the first recorded raid in 795, the Vikings became an integral part of the political, economic and cultural landscape of Ireland.

In this series, we will be looking at the history of the Vikings in Ireland from their arrival in 795 to the victory of Brian Boru over the Viking leader of Dublin in 1014.

Dublin School Tours - Guided Tours of Dublin - Battle of Clontarf, Viking Ireland
Hugh Frazer - 'The Battle of Clontarf' (1826)

A Timeline of the Viking Age in Ireland from 795 CE

795-840’s: Vikings begin raiding in Ireland.

840/41: Naval camp founded at Dubh Linn.

853: Ivar the Boneless arrives in Ireland.

873: The death of Ivar. Viking leadership begins to collapse.

902: Flann Sinna drives the Vikings from Ireland.

914: The Vikings return founding Waterford & Wexford.

917: Vikings retake Dublin.

918: Niall Glundub attempts to drive the Vikings from Dublin but dies at Kilmashogue.

920: Limerick is founded.

920’s: Donnchad Donn begins to support the Dál Cais to prevent the Eoghanacht from reemerging as a major threat.

940’s: Deaths of Donnachad Donn and Muirchertach Mac Neill triggers the Uí Neill civil war

which would last into the 970’s.

944: Dublin is destroyed by Congaloch Cnogba, challenger for the Uí Neill high kingship.

950’s: Dublin is rebuilt and begins to develop as an economic power..

970’s: Uí Neill civil wars draw to a close, Domhnall Ua Neill strengthens his position as high king. Amlaib Cuaran is in control Dublin.

978: Brian Boru becomes king of Munster following the death of Mathgamain.

979: Mael Sechnaill Mac Domhnall becomes high king.

980: Battle of Tara. Amlaib is sent into exile. Mael Sechnaill takes the submission of Dublin.

980’s: Brian and Mael Sechnaill engage in an indecisive war lasting into the 990s.

989: Dublin rebels against Mael Sechnaill - the siege of Dublin sees huge levies imposed on the Dublin Vikings.

997: The Agreement of Clonfert - Mael Sechnaill concedes the southern half of Ireland to Brian Boru.

999/1000: Máel Mórda of Leinster and Sitric of Dublin rebel against Brian but are defeated at the Battle of Glenn Mama.

1002: Brian takes submission from Mael Sechnaill becoming High King of Ireland.

1005/06: Brian takes submission from the northern kingdoms.

1008: Brian subdues Flaithbertach Ua Neill

1011: Brian at the height of his power after defeating the Cenel Conaill.

1013: Mael Morda and Sitric rebel against Brian.

1014: The Battle of Clontarf, the death of Brian Boru and major defeat of Viking forces in Ireland.


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